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ICT in Consultancy Services

Nextsphere also provides consultancy advice to Government Ministries and Industries. These advices have taken various forms including high level strategies for integration of disparate systems within an organization covering nation-wide, network modeling, System Integration, workflow modeling and managing the integration of software onto an existing system.

We do not supply standard off-the-shelf software one-size-fits-all consultancy packages but prefer to clarify your requirements to develop a custom made service tailored according to your needs and our capabilities. In other words, our focus would be on advising customers on how ICT are able to meet their objectives.

Outsourcing Services

We provide IT outsourcing services to improve cost management controls, savings on total life cycle costs while simultaneously increasing service level and quality. Customer can focus on core business competencies and revenue generating activities while obtaining the desired IT functionality, without the headaches of maintenance, operations and technology obsolescence. Customer can reduce costs by utilizing its extensive knowledge base of various IT specialists, as opposed to an organization maintaining comprehensive in-house staff.


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